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This Comic Book Is About A Single Black Mother Raising Her Super-Powered Seven-Year-Old


Now this is what we need! A comic book about a Black, single mother raising her seven-year-old son who just so happens to have superpowers.

YES THAT’S RIGHT! Raising Dion is a comic book about a widowed mother named Nicole who is trying to raise her son Dion and guide him to use his developing superpowers the right way, but at the same time try to protect him from the harsh world and the rest of society who doesn’t understand his unexplainable abilities.

For Nicole, no day is simple. Her son is able to avoid timeouts by becoming invisible, can play with his food by making it hover in the air, and avoids getting dressed by teleporting around the house.

>Marvel Superheroes Reimagined As Members Of Black Fraternities And Sororities<

Fusion states that, “Raising Dion engages with the ideas surrounding superhumans, parenting, and race in a novel way by drawing heavily from the idea of The Talk that many parents of color feel necessary to have with their kids about race. Nicole’s insistence that Dion not use his powers in public speaks both explicitly to his being an actual superhuman, and implicitly to the way that the world sees him because of his race.”

The first issue of Raising Dion is available to read for free now!

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Watch the video below to see the AMAZING trailer that was shot for the comic book!

Check out some images from the book below.

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