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Educational Offer: Get This $50 Windows 10 Class For Just $20 With Our Greek Discount


Is your office updating its operating system to Windows 10? Well we have something for you.

Until the end of this month we have been given access to a greek discount for Windows 10 classes that you can take to improve your knowledge of Windows 10 and be the smartest person in the office. This class in about 3 hours total and in done in quick video sprints that are less than 5 minutes long in which you get a step by step walk-through of the entire operating system.

You ideally should have installed a copy of Windows 10 before taking the course.

The target audience for this course includes:

  • Anyone who is wondering about Windows 10 and all the new changes this Operating System is bringing
  • New Windows 10 users
  • People looking to learn tips and tricks
  • Beginning to Intermediate Windows users
  • This course is NOT intended for information technology professionals. This course is intended for end users.
  • Business training employees on Windows 10

The class is usually $50 but by entering our greek discount code WatchTheYard60Off you can get the class for 60% of the normal price, making it only $20.

–> Click here to access the deal <–

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