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The #GreekHitTheQuanChallenge Has Gone Viral And Is Taking Over The Internet!

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The #GreekHitTheQuanChallenge has gone viral and is taking over social media!

This week the Instagram accounts @greekgrammyawards, @freshgreek and @midwestgreekweekend started a remix of the #HitTheQuanChallenge that has hit college campuses all over the US and remixed it for the brothers and sisters of the NPHC.

For this challenge, fraternity and sorority members were encouraged to do the #HitTheQuan dance while mixing in elements of their own organization’s signature strolls. So far over a hundred greeks from all over the nation have shot and submitted videos!

We at keep our finger on the pulse of everything that has to do with Black Greekdom so we have compiled a list of our favorite #GreekHitTheQuanChallenge videos for your enjoyment.

Click on the arrows below to see our selection of best #GreekHitTheQuanChallenge videos! Which org do you think did the best?

Make sure to show some love to @greekgrammyawards @freshgreek and @midwestgreekweekend and follow us at @watchtheyard on Instagram!

@blu_choreo_phi of Phi Beta Sigma.

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